People are living life trapped by another diet and a number on the scale. At Everlong Nutrition, we guide you through a powerful holisitic transformation so you can live a life of freedom in a body you love.

1:1 Nutrition coaching

Say goodbye to dieting forever with a nutrition plan designed for you coupled with high-level accountability and support. 


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your nutrition program should be

personalized to you

Online nutrition coaching is a high-accountability, customized program tailored to your specific goals and needs.  Following a 3-phase approach, we develop a high level of nutritional awareness to help you achieve your goals in a sustainable manner.

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Ready to start your personalized, lifelong nutrition journey? 

why everlong nutrition coaching…

We believe that a sustainable nutrition program is one that is designed for your lifestyle, schedule, and needs and encompasses all aspects of health and wellness. 


No foods are off limits here. We teach you how to enjoy the foods you love and still reach your goals with a customized plan designed for you. 


We take you from the quick fix, all-or-nothing mindset and show you how to enjoy your journey; celebrating small wins along the way and using any hiccup as positive feedback. 

stress & SLEEP

We take a deep look into how current factors such as sleep and stress may be affecting your progress and results.. 


We show you movement does not have to be something that takes up hours of your day nor something you dread. Learn how to move your body in ways that you both enjoy and look forward to.

Want to reach and maintain your weight loss goals but don’t know
where to start?

 we’ll take care of you

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