1:1 Coaching

Your nutrition plan should be personalized to you

We know you may be approaching this wondering how it differs from other things you have done in the past. Maybe you have tried countless diets, programs, and even worked with a nutrition professional before without seeing much or any success.

The thing is, we understand the problem. There are endless programs and people out there with an abundance of nutrition information. You may have known what to do but no one ever helped you take that information and connect it with the application. We help you connect the knowing to the doing, taking real action on your goals with the support and guidance of a coach.   


education first

We educate you on the reason behind the recommendations we provide to you. Learning and understanding these nutrition concepts is crucial for you to create lifelong change.

application second

We know that nutrition information is useless without the application.  We work with you and guide you to take action on your goals in ways that fit your specific lifestyle and schedule.

what can i expect?

This is not your average nutrition program or diet plan. This is an experience that encompasses every aspect of your health and life so you can achieve the results you want.

a customized nutrition plan designed for you

We will take a deep look into your goals, struggles, and background to develop a roadmap designed specifically for you. 

a flexible plan

There are no foods off limits here! You will learn how to include your favorite foods into your week and still see the results you want. 

behavior change

We will focus on behaviors that affect your nutrition and metabolism such as stress, anxiety, and frustration and work on strategies to help cope with these issues. 

unlimited accountability and support

Throughout the program, you have unlimited access to your dietitian but also the rest of the Everlong Nutrition community who are in the same journey as you.  

 how do i know if i’m a good fit?

Individualized, 1:1 online nutrition coaching is not for everyone. This program is for people who do well in a high-accountability environment but who are also ready to take action in working toward their goals. 

A good fit for this program is someone who is committed to making their nutrition and health a priority in their life. This program requires an investment in your time, energy, and money but yields an incredible return if you are willing to put the work in. 

If you are someone who is committed and ready to begin their journey, likes having a high level of accountability and support, ready to enjoy the journey, not just look for the outcome, and are tired of trying diet after diet on your own then you may be a great fit for the 1:1 online nutrition coaching program. 

imagine this…


You enjoy the foods you love and never feel like you have to restrict yourself from any food or social event to reach your goals.


You have a dietitian in your pocket, available to support you at any time and answer any questions you may have. 

You feel amazing, confident, and are happy with your relationship with food and yourself. 

You never have to try another diet or program again and you can say goodbye to starting over on Mondays. 

let’s get started


Adopt a bulletproof and winning mindset to create and maintain your results.


Learn to enjoy moving your body in ways you look forward to each day. 


Learn to love food for the way it nourishes your body and makes you feel. 

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