You glance over at the clock and realize that it’s already 5pm and you have to start cooking dinner, help the kids with their homework, and get them ready to go to bed and it dawns on you- you haven’t moved your body today! Sometimes fitting in a full-blown workout just isn’t feasible between zoom meetings, chasing around your kids and anxiously finishing that to-do list your boss gave you to finish by Friday. Instead, try to focus on staying more active throughout the entire day instead of focusing on one time to get a workout in. Here’s three tips on how to be more active throughout your day:

Have a destination lunch! 

You and your whole family can go for a walk to a nearby park to have a picnic! You’re adding in extra steps and getting everyone out of the house- maybe the Vitamin D will help you to feel more refreshed and energized for the second part of your day. Give each person a designated role, like carrying their lunch pale, wiping down the picnic table, or passing around hand sanitizer before diving in to your meal. The walk back home will also help you digest your food and feel ready to go for the remainder of the afternoon. 

Set a timer to get moving! 

Setting a timer on your smartphone every hour or so can help to remind to get up and get moving. Even if you just take a lap around your house, your body will thank you! Sitting in the same position for countless hours per day can lead to lower back pain, neck pain, or fatigue.  Instead, try going for a quick walk or just do some stretching by your desk so you can stay focused on your task at hand while moving your body. 

Use those legs!

As long as your destination is safe (and preferably it’s daytime), park your car far and walk! You’d be surprised how many steps you can tally up by just parking further than you normally would at each of your destinations. Of course, make sure you’re safe. Always have a buddy with you and park near street lights if it’s getting dark out. Similarly, if you live in an apartment complex always take the stairs instead of the elevator. Stairs are a great way to get your heart rate up and get your blood flowing through your whole body. 

Incorporating these three tips to stay more active during your day will help your body feel better, help you feel more energized and focused, and help you to reach your goals as well!