Group Coaching

creating long-term health through sustainable change

We know you may be approaching this wondering how it differs from other programs you have tried in the past. Maybe you have tried many diet programs before without seeing much or any success.

The thing is, we understand the problem. There are endless programs and people out there with an abundance of nutrition information. You may have known what to do but no one ever helped you take that information and connect it with the application. We help you connect the knowing to the doing, taking real action on your goals with the support and guidance of a coach and a strong community in our 8-week group nutrition coaching program.   


education first

We educate you on the reason behind the recommendations we provide to you. Learning and understanding these nutrition concepts is crucial for you to create lifelong change.

application second

We know that nutrition information is useless without the application.  We work with you and guide you to take action on your goals in ways that fit your specific lifestyle and schedule.

What is included?

group coaching calls

A total of eight virtual nutrition coaching sessions. Meet with your coach and fellow participants to learn exactly how to create strong habits for your success.

digital downloads

Including grocery lists, meal prep tips, goal sheets, balanced plate meal and snack ideas and more!

a private facebook group

An online community for extra support and the ability to connect with other group members!

back-end modules to further your learning

Comprehensive modules filled with easy-to-follow education and downloadable PDFs to deepen your knowledge. 

Are you ready to join the next round?



Each program  is limited to 10 people per group in order to ensure maximum attention provided. In this program you will learn and understand the core concepts we teach at Everlong Nutrition in order to help our clients fully understand nutrition and nourish their bodies, build a strong mindset, and create lifelong healthy habits.

Our next round begins on January 4th and runs for 8 weeks!



You didn’t have to jump back and forth between diets, starting over on Mondays and wanting to give up a week in?


You no longer struggled with restricting certain foods or food groups and understood that you can include everything in moderation and reach your goals?

You had the skills to make nutrient dense, balanced meals and snacks and didn’t worry about not having the time to prepare them?

You could actually enjoy eating your favorite foods again and not feel deprived during social events, at happy hour, or on the holidays?

let’s get started